The Man Who Built His House Out of Stuff He Bought on eBay – 21 March 2018

Frank Alsema describes himself as a “city maker.” The TV producer lives in north Amsterdam, where his house has become a lab for more sustainable urban lifestyle. The community there and throughout the Netherlands aspire to what they call a “circular economy.” That means recycling and reusing everything, including energy. That’s why Frank’s house is built out of stuff he bought on eBay.

I recently visited Frank at his house in Amsterdam, where he took a Gizmodo crew and me on a tour of the curious castle he’s built. When we first walked in, Frank didn’t apologize for the mess. The space was strewn with building supplies, furniture, artwork, and kitsch. It looked like it was still under construction, because it was.

Read the whole interview by Adam Clark Estes, including 3 min film House Hacker starring Frank Alsema, at

Frank Alsema standing in the entryway of Palais Récup. Photo: Adam Clark Estes

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